Imagine a population of both visitors and residents who value innovation and creative expression, are highly educated and care about the environment while embracing small town life. Now, think about a welcoming business community that supports diverse businesses that cater to visitors, residents and a global marketplace.  This is Ashland, Oregon.

The Ashland Economy, based on tourism and higher education, showed amazing strength during the economic downturn.  Southern Oregon University has been experiencing the highest enrollment growth in its history with over 6,500 students.  The Oregon Shakespeare Festival, a cornerstone of the tourism infrastructure, recently celebrated its 75th anniversary in Ashland over #415,000 visits its highest occupancy  ever.  Many lodging, restaurant and retail establishments experienced strong seasons.

The restaurant industry business thrives and is especially competitive with almost 100 businesses operating in Ashland.  The retail sector is unique and run by mainly independently owned businesses, offering unique products both in-store and on-line.  Numerous galleries make Ashland their home and feature local as well as national and world-renowned artists.  Creativity abounds in our business core and is reflected in our manufacturing sector as well.  Manufacturing in Ashland is comprised of small businesses many with strong environmental ethics reflected in their green practices.

Ashland’s Business Infrastructure

Ashland offers an infrastructure to do business that allows companies to operate in a relatively small population base located 300 miles away from any major metropolitan area but with access to global markets.  With a location just off Interstate 5, its proximity to the Rogue Valley International Airport and Southern Pacific Railroad in addition to the fiber connectivity, business can be done internationally twenty-four hours a day. The City provides basic utilities including water and power.  Natural gas is from Avista.

Building a Business?

Named Google’s 2013 and 2014 E-City in Oregon Ashland is poised to provide international reach for it’s businesses.  Additionally, Located in the Ashland Enterprise Zone Tax Abatement zone with new tax incentives for E-Commerce and businesses who hire new employees, there are great reasons to choose Ashland today!  The Ashland Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to helping new and existing businesses have the best possible experience and outcome with the process of creating, expanding and retaining quality jobs in Ashland. It goal is to diversify Ashland’s economic base in a sustainable, thoughtful way, while retaining the qualities that make Ashland a fabulous place to do business, raise your family and really live your life!

The Economic Sustainability Committee (ESC) of the Ashland Chamber of Commerce was created to enhance the quality of life in Ashland. The Committee coordinates and supports the economic development initiatives of the Chamber of Commerce in order to diversify the economy, increase local wages and preserve the natural environment. The ESC works to attract and retain quality jobs; assist new businesses compatible with the values and assets of Ashland; promote Ashland’s business image; assist in expansion of existing companies; and enhance Ashland’s overall quality of life.

The Chamber provides the following kinds of services: coordinated marketing, rapid response team to inquiries, relocation services, point-of-contact management and information services, general inquiries, training for local business and coordination with the Small Business Association.

Personal Views on Doing Business in Ashland

The following are video clips from some of Ashland’s top business professionals explaining why they feel that Ashland is the place for your business! Watch now here.


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